lunes, marzo 22, 2010

Best Transformer Costume Ever! Bumblebee Goes to Time Square NYC

Best Halloween Costume Ever

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Q. How tall is it?
A. 9 feet

Q. How long did it take to build it?
A. 200 hours

Q. Can you transform?
A. It's Hard to be a contortionist while being on stilts

Q. What is it made out of?
Bumblebee is made out of recycled material including
Hotwheels race tracks
Tide bottle
Nesquick container
Half a yoyo
Baby Bottle caps
Lamp Shade
safety helmets
babyfood container
cereal bowl
Pencil Box
Bottle caps
Erector set parts
Prenzel box container
and more...

Q.How much does it weigh?
A. 70 Pounds

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